"design is thinking made visual"

"design is thinking made visual"

the city with the key to my heart

Saturday, 31 March 2012

After loving Rome as much as I did, Stew wanted to make sure I loved Paris just as much, if not more. The following weekend, we made out way back to Paris to explore the city. Paris is my favorite city I have ever been to. Hands down. I never wanted to leave. I don't think I could get enough time in that city. I love it. We didn't exactly have the trip planned out. We basically just floated from one place to the next. We went to the museums, the gardens, the shops, and some other little treasures we found. I previously posted about the restaurant we ate our first night night there, Guy Savoy. The bar was set pretty high for my first night back in Paris. But wait, it gets better. The next night after a long day of adventuring and sight seeing, Stew found another 3 star Michelin restaurant that we ended up getting a reservation at, Le Pré Catelan. If my taste buds weren't already on a high from the night before, they were taken to cloud 9. We got to have a little romantic dinner, that definitely was the best meal I have ever had in my life. Everything was perfect.

Before I forget I have to tell you about Angelina. Just the most amazing famous little restaurant/pastry shop. They have the world's best hot chocolate. Trust me, I tried it. If you ever go, get the "Le Mont Blanc". It will change your life.

Aside from the food, the trip was also wonderful. We found the famous flea market in Paris and spend most of the day there searching for treasures. I just kept wishing I had more time in the city. I found out how much I really loved the city lights. I loved passing bridges with thousands of locks on them where people locked their love. One of my favorite things in the whole city was seeing the Eiffel Tower at night when it lights up and sparkles at the start of every hour. Seeing it with Stew made it that much more special. Something to add to your bucket list.






  1. beautiful. can't believe you get to experience all of that! how cool! you two make a gorgeous couple. xoxo

  2. thank you so much! you are the sweetest. xoxo :)


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