"design is thinking made visual"

"design is thinking made visual"

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Today the lock and chains were put on... I started summer school. I am kidding, a little. ;) The past two weeks I took full advantage of the time I had before I had to hit the books again. I went home to California! I explained a little in my last post. But the second part of the trip I went on a little weekend vacation with mon cheri(aka Stew). It could not have been better. The weather was perfect. We went to Disneyland! This was actually a big deal because Stew does not like amusement parks. He has not been to Disneyland since he was about 8 years-old or so. He knew how much I liked it, so we planned a little trip. The day before I had worn a new pair of flats to the airport. Bad idea. I had blisters all over my heels. At this point I was already into my trip and didn't bring a lot of comfortable shoes..so Disneyland day came. The only pair of shoes that did not rub the back of my blisters were a pair of 5-inch heels. Yes, I did wear them for a 12-hour day at Disneyland. That place is so happy I didn't even notice the blisters all over my feet. We had so much fun. But it didn't stop there. The next day we went to Laguna Beach for some sun and sand castles, followed by a visit to my sweet grandparents house in Palm Springs for the rest of the weekend. It was so much fun to cook with them and hear stories of when they met "back in the old days". Speaking of the happy couple, today is their 58th anniversary! Congratulations! I am so happy to have such amazing examples in my life. How I love them so.
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  1. I am proud of Stew's sandcastle in this.




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