"design is thinking made visual"

"design is thinking made visual"

the adventure begins,

Sunday, 22 January 2012

I arrived in Paris yesterday morning and already have enough stories to last a few days. I am officially living in the beautiful city, Nice, France. The sweet grandmother and 13-year old granddaughter I am living with do not speak a lick of English. Finding their home was the real challenge, however. Everyone here assumes I know French, which makes me want feel even worse that I basically know how to say three things.

My name is Hayley.

I do not understand.

Do you speak English?

Hopefully my vocabulary will expand tomorrow at school, or my communication skills are as valuable as my host family's cat.


  1. how exciting!! im so jealous but glad you get this opportunity! hope to hear many more stories!

  2. It's going to be amazing! You can do this. :)

  3. You will get it! I have been in that same situation before. It is shocking at home much you learn when you have to. Have so much fun and be safe, please!


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